Playing Computer Games

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A few years back, computer games became a hit all over the world especially among kids and teenagers. Instead of playing tag or any kinds of sports outside with the sun?s rays shining down on their healthy and tan bodies, youngsters now prefer to stay inside the house, slouched on a couch while playing computer games. Sometimes, children do not want to go outside and interact with ?real people? and neglect their families, studies or jobs because they are too busy with their ?virtual? lives. They do not want to be disturbed most of the time and they tend to hide inside their virtual shell. They are irritable and they shrink their duties. Can this be called computer games addiction?

There are debates going on about computer games addiction. Despite researches about the topic, it is not yet clear whether it is a psychological disorder or not. Some experts say that playing computer games could make one addicted to it but right now, it is not considered as a mental disorder. However, there is a possibility that it may be considered as a mental disorder come year 2012.

Being addicted to computer games is the same as being addicted to other things such as alcohol or drugs. It could also be compared to compulsive gambling. However, addiction to computer games is much more related to youngsters than other kinds of addiction.

Last year of April, a survey was conducted and it found out that around 8.5% of the children and teens that play computer games are already ?clinically addicted? to computer games.

Computer games that are especially addictive are the ?massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

Why are these computer games addictive? There are things that motivate a person to play computer games. Playing computer games is not just about fun, emotional reasons could also affect it such as rewards, freedom, and interaction with other players. In real life, we have problems and most of the time we cannot do anything about them. In virtual life, we can control our lives and when we commit mistakes or die we can have another shot at it and try again.

You can check if a person is addicted to computer games by observing their behaviour. Like what was mentioned previously, people who are addicted to computer games tend to withdraw socially. They are sulky and they feel depressed. If these behaviours harm their relationship with other people, then you should be alarmed.

Moreover, they are giving very little attention to, if at all, their responsibilities like studies and homework for students and job for employees and businessmen. People who are addicted to computer games also tend to lie more. They also cannot refrain from playing computer games even if they feel very tired and unhealthy. There are also physical signs that say if a person is addicted to computer such as very dry eyes, headaches, loss of appetite, disregard personal hygiene and overall physical condition.

Where to Play Free Computer Games?

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Are you wanting to play free computer games online, atany moment during the day or night, and for the amount of time you want? These days, everybody has the ability to connect to the internetand there are a lot of free online games that we can play in our spare time. So whether you are looking to play free computer games or whether you just like classic board games – you can find themand play free computer games online!

Free full version computer Online Games

Most people who use a computer love to play free computer games. There are free games for people to enjoy of every age and of every interest, computer games are just a great way to get rid that extra tension you have.

So what sorts of games do you like to play? Are you new to theworld of online games? Are your kids sick of the Nintendo Wii – well give them something different to play! Find some free computer online games TODAY!

There are lots of people that play free computer games, and these are designed for people of all ages and not just for children

Where can YOU Find Free Games to Play Online Anytime, Day or Night?

Free full version computer games are great to play any time of the day or night. They are perfect when you can’t get to sleep, when you are bored or any time, even when you are sometimes talking on the phone, or chatting away with your mom. If you enjoy multi-player games, you will always have fun, whether day or night – as someone will always be online to play against you!

The great thing is that the internet is always there and no matter what time it is you can play at all times of the day or night. This gives you something productive to do other than waisting your brain away in front of the TV.

Great Reasons To Love Computer Games

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The world is moving with fast pace with new technologies, discoveries, inventions, modifications and explorations. The whole aspect of living has changed and now days it would not surprise you to know that people are going after material and synthetic things rather than the real ones. This can be proved with the example of children leaving the real games just to enjoy computer games on their computers, televisions and play stations.

This article mainly focuses on computer games and how they have completely changed the life of teenagers all around the world. Let me now share with you some of the Top Reasons due to which children as well as adults love computer games.

1. Easy accessibility of Computer games
It is often said that computer games are very easily accessible. In today’s’ word almost everyone has a computer or a lap top with internet facility. This makes it easier for us to download new games and play them during free time or as and when desired.

2. Virtual world is loved by everyone
Computer games take us to a virtual world which is hard for us to imagine in our real world. It is a whole new world of mysteries, fights, mythology, fun, adventure and education. You can even choose the games according to your own interest and likings. Some may fancy sports while others may prefer knowledgeable games or the funny ones.

3. Computer games give us challenges
Almost every game that you play on your computer or play station has levels which you need to qualify in order to win it. This gives us a sense of challenge and triumph. Sometimes games which are played with multiplayer helps us to interact and complete in order bring out the best in us.

4. Helps in a creating a whole new world
Computer games can easily be created with new advance technologies. The things that you can not achieve in your real life can be easily be done while you are in that virtual world, you can become rich beyond your dream, powerful enough to kill everyone or intelligent enough to destroy anyone, this is all possible in the world of computer games.

5. They are interesting and enjoyable
It is often seen that computer games are more interesting. They have strategies and puzzles which we need to solve in order to proceed to the next level. You can play thousands of games involving different subjects and situations, which surely gives a sense of enjoyment to all the people who are engaged in playing these games.

Computer games open up a whole new world in front of us which is beyond our wildest dreams. There is fantasy, war, mythical creatures, sports, movies and adventure in these games, which like an irresistible force attract us towards them.

Downloadable Computer Games

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Downloadable computer games are extremely popular today. Five million people a month search the words computer games a month on Google. So to say computer games are popular is an understatement!

Let’s look at what is available in downloadable computer games today. Before we do that let’s look at the kinds of genres available, and these are as numerous as the searchers! One thing to remember about these genres is that each one may have hundreds or even thousands of different games available to download. Depending on where you buy online computer games will determine what’s available. Most online games sites will have a wide variety of downloadable computer games. Although, some sites will cater to the more advanced gamer with more advanced games; such as World of War craft type games. Sites such as big fish computer games will carry a large variety of computer games for the whole family.



Hidden Object

Time Management


Match 3

Large File


Marble Popper

Arcade and Action



Card and Board

Brain Teaser


Where to Buy Online Games:

As with any other item you are purchasing online, you want to choose a reputable company that has been around for some time and who has many satisfied customers. And as with other products you want the company to stand behind their products. That is why my wife and I buy big fish computer games, because they stand behind their product, and the choices are very wide. You can also buy big fish computer games for Mac’s. Another benefit with this company is the daily deals on games as well as new daily game releases. I also like the daily top 10 picks for downloadable computer games that they make available on a daily basis. So when you buy online computer games check out big fish computer games, I think you will like this site too.

Computer games

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Entertainment has a very important role in our lives. Every one of us, who works hard daily, needs entertainment in one way or another. Different people use different kinds of means for entertaining themselves. For example, some people watch movies. Some of us like going to hotels. Some of us prefer shopping. Similarly there are also many other means of entertainment in our daily life. Different age groups have different entertaining activities. Playing computer games is also a very good way of refreshing yourself and taking a break from the daily hard routine of your lives. This is the mode of entertainment which is usually used by young kids and teens. However, there is no age limit for playing computer games. In fact, these days, there are some games that are especially made for adult people. These adult games are very much praised by the people of this age.

Types of computer games

There are many types of computer games available in markets these days. There are various fun games which can easily be bought from markets. Some companies are there who are especially making computer games for girls. Similarly, other kinds of genres are also available in gaming industry. There are fighting games, cars racing games, bikes racing games, shooting games, planning games and many more. These genres are made for those people who like only some specific types of games. For example, if a person likes a single person shooter games then it would be very difficult for him to develop his or hers interest in planning games. There are some gaming companies which have made a lot of progress in gaming and have contributed a lot in taking gaming to another level. EA games are one of those computer games manufacturers. This company is especially known for its games of sports. The most interesting sports games that you play daily are made by the people of this company. The FIFA version of EA games is very famous among people. Every year people eagerly wait for these games to come in markets.

Online computer games

Nowadays, it is also very easy to play games online on computers. With the advent of internet, it has become very easy to download any kind of game from internet and to play it on your own pc. However, if you have the facility of high speed internet in your homes these days, which is very common today, then you can also play games online. Online games can easily be found on internet. There are many advantages of these online internet games. The most important one of them is that you can play these games with your friends and other family members while sitting on your own specific computers. These all computer games are totally reality based and are, really, very entertaining. In short, if you are planning to take a day off from work and have nothing to do then there is no better time pass than to play these exciting games.

A Brief History Of Computer Games

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Computer games have seen an incredible amount of growth over the past several decades. In 1961, two MIT students created what is now considered the ‘first’ computer game for the PDP-1, called Spacewar!, where two ships skirted around a central star in an attempt to destroy each other. In 1972, the first text-based computer game, Adventure, emerged.

Text-based games, or ‘interactive fiction’ were the primary medium of gaming on PCs for almost two decades ‘ until the advent of affordable personal computers with graphics engines took hold. Text-games began to merge word commands with graphics, creating very basic games such as Pool of Radiance.

However, at the same time as computer games began gaining a foothold in the market, the console video games industry was experiencing a crash, due to poor quality games flooding the market. Thus, since home color computers such as the Commodore 64 were now priced affordably for home use, sales of computer games benefited from the drastically sinking console game market.

Rapid improvements soon followed in the computer gaming world, and in 1987, the first sound cards hit the shelves. High-resolution bitmapping also allowed for better graphics and better games, and with the advent of the computer mouse, game developers seemed to have a completely open slate to work with! Games such as the King’s Quest series began to popularize story-based computer games, and in 1992 the first successful first-person shooter ‘ Wolfenstein 3D ‘ hit shelves, launching one of the most popular computer game genres of all time.

A breakthrough in 3D computer graphics came in 1993, with the release of the RPG game Doom. This game would lead developers toward creating more of a sense of realism in computer games, and in 1995, the rise of Microsoft’s Windows OP launched an interest into hardware accelerated PC graphics. There were a number of affordable solutions created, in order to stay competitive with the now rejuvenated console market, and in 1996, the third-person action/adventure shooter Tomb Raider was released with revolutionary graphics.

Improved CPU technology saw a huge increase in gaming realism, as Microsoft’s operating systems forced many MS-DOS games to become unplayable, and today’s computer gaming market relies heavily on realism in games in order to stay current with consumer demand. Today, many of the improvements in computer gaming are in the form of advanced physics engines that allow a more realistic interaction with the gaming world.

Today’s computer gaming certainly isn’t limited to single-person playing as well, as new forms of marketing have been explored in order to stay current in an extremely competitive market. Some companies are releasing games in episodic format, with lower prices per installment, while the rise of online gaming allows publishers to charge a monthly fee for playing their game, while new content is constantly being added to the game world.